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Desert Victim
... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the desert of Arizona, where Del Whipple accidentally discovers a drug making operation while he exploring in an old gold mine shaft. Item 1010 below.

Swamp Victim... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the Low Country of South Carolina, when Deputy Sheriff Caley Givens investigates the discovery of human bones in the Saltketcher Swamp.

Received NaNoWriMo 2012 1st Place Award.

(Print version January 2013. ...eBook version now, Item 1052 below.)

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Swamp Victim
By Ron Hudson
Item: 1052, eBook $0.99
Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Fire
By Daniel Tyler Gooden: 1053, $2.99 eBook.
Snouffer's Field
By Daniel Tyler Gooden: 1054, $2.99 eBook.

Texas Blues
By Ashley Quinn
Item:  1055, $4.99

My Journey from Darkness to Light by Patricia Tew Potts
Item 1045, $9.99

By Mark Everett Stone
Item 1046, $3.99

Hunter's Moon
By C. L. Bevil
Item 1031, $.99

Sleepless Nights By Norwood Holland
Item 1009, $19.96 (Hardback)


Disembodied Bones
By C. L. Beville
Item 1007, $1.99

Alternative Genesis
By Yosef Albric
Item 1961, $4.99, eBook

Alternative Jesus
By Yosef Albric
Item 1962, $4.95, eBook

The Wonder of Us
By Yosef Albric
Item 1963, Free, eBook

Stairway to Heaven
By Yosef Albric
Item 1964, Free, eBook

Spiritual Ramblings
By Yosef Albric
Item 1965, Free, eBook

Why? A Childs Plea!
By R.A. Rios
Item 1966, $1.99, eBook

Too Young to Know
By R.A. Rios
Item 1967, $1.99, eBook

The Inadvertent Zombie
By R.A. Rios
Item 1968, $1.99, eBook

The Adventures of Nathan
By R.A. Rios
Item 1969, $2.99, eBook

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