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Desert Victim
... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the desert of Arizona, where Del Whipple accidentally discovers a drug making operation while he exploring in an old gold mine shaft. Item 1010 below.

Swamp Victim... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the Low Country of South Carolina, when Deputy Sheriff Caley Givens investigates the discovery of human bones in the Saltketcher Swamp.

Received NaNoWriMo 2012 1st Place Award.

(Print version January 2013. ...eBook version now, Item 1052 below.)

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Veiled Eyes
By C. L. Beville
Item: 1070, eBook $1.99


Mountains of Dreams
 C. L. Beville
Item: 1071, Print $18.23
eBook Free

Death Twitches
By C. L. Beville
 Item: 1072, eBook $2.99

The Secret Joy of Reading
By Richard Herley
Item: 1073, eBook Free

By Richard Herley
Item: 1074, eBook $2.99

Penal Colony
By Richard Herley
Item: 1075, eBook Free

The Stone Arrow
By Richard Herley
Item: 1076, eBook Free

The Flint Lord
By Richard Herley
Item: 1077, eBook $2.99

The Earth Goddess
By Richard Herley
Item: 1078, eBook $2.99

The Tide Mill
By Richard Herley
Item: 1079, eBook $3.99

Natue Writing
By Richard Herley
Item: 1080, eBook Free

The Drowning
By Richard Herley
Item: 1081, eBook $3.99

Darling Brenda
By Richard Herley
Item: 1082, eBook $3.99

Dragon Wrangler
By Wyatt McLaren
Item 1083, eBook $1.49


Drive's End
By Wyatt McLaren
Item: 1084,  eBook $1.49

Dragon Roundup
By Wyatt McLaren
Item: 1085, eBook $1.49


Trailing the Herd
By Wyatt McLaren
Item: 1086, eBook $2.99


The Dragon Drive?
By Wyatt McLaren
Item: 1087, eBook

More Books --->   [1]   [2]    [3]    [4]      [5]     [6]    [7]

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