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Desert Victim
... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the desert of Arizona, where Del Whipple accidentally discovers a drug making operation while he exploring in an old gold mine shaft. Item 1010 below.

Crystal Fire... Series - Tales of the Crystal. An epic tale of magic and warriors, but more importantly, of flawed human beings overcoming adversity and personal demons to do what must be done.

See Item 1099 below.
Swamp Victim... This is a thrilling novel takes place in the Low Country of South Carolina, when Deputy Sheriff Caley Givens investigates the discovery of human bones in the Saltketcher Swamp.

Received NaNoWriMo 2012 1st Place Award.

(Print version January 2013. ...eBook version now, Item 1052 below.)

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The Slaughters of the Race
By S.K. Epperson
Item 1001, $8.99

Satyr's Graze
By S.K. Epperson
Item 1002, $9.99

Techromancy Scrools: Soras
By Erik Schuback
Item 1003, $5.99

The Adventures of Terrence the Tabby Cat
By Murray W. Nabors
Item 1034, $15.95

Her Every Wish
Item 1035, $2.99

A Novella Collection
By Courtney Milan
Item 1036, $2.99

Psychology of the Soul
By Angel Cusick
Item 1027, $12.65

A Compendium of Souls
By Angel Cusick
Item 1028, 12.95
By Courtney Milan
Item 1029, $4.99

Last Night at the Stairways By Jon Lymon
Item 1024, $2.99

Omensent: Birth of a Dragon Lord (Vol I)
By Barry Gibbons II
Item 1025, $12.99
Omensent: Rise of the Shadow Dragons
By Barry Gibbons II
Item 1026, $12.99

What Happened at Midnight
By Courney Milan
Item: 1022, $2.99

Swamp Victim
By Ron Hudson
Item: 1052, Free

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The Governor's Affair
By Coutrney Milan

Item 1023, $.99

Hell on Earth
By Phil Terrana $13.95
Item 1017, $13.95

Postal Service
By Phil Terrana
Item: 1018, $16.95

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